Choices to Make

First what type of session to have

Cowboy or saloon girls - Gangster-  Pioneer-   Pirate

See galleries to decide which session you would like. We are currently still collecting and buying outfits for Pirates and Pioneers  and have limited choices but feel free to bring in your own costumes if you wish.

classic black framecolor.jpg

Now booking 2022


when booking you will need to pay a $15 non refundable sitting fee

second what session to order

time=shooting time ,getting dressed is not included So you will get your full time of pictures.

package #1

 Short mini 15-minute session with 8 images in Sepia
choose your favorite digital frame for them to go in. In a digital download. up to 4 people. $5 per each additional person.
Each additional frame $2- sitting fee + $65

 Package 2- Half-hour session with a digital download of all images (15-20)- 2 free digital image frames, pictures in sepia, and color. Up to 6 people $5 per additional persons-Sitting fee +  $135

Half-hour session with digital image download and a USB with color & sepia coloring for all photos. As well as 2 free digital frames of choice. Up to 6 people $5 per each additional person - Sitting fee +$155

1-hour session with all of the above An app for everyone in your group to download your session. up to 8 wanted frames. 1 USB with all pictures. Up to 6 people $5 per each additional person- Sitting fee + $250

package #2

package #3

package #4


Third what Editing style

Choose which look you prefer  beforehand of editing style. If you do not choose I will choose for you.

Normal                   Detailed               Painting


Fourth what frame to choose

I have spent time making a variety of fun frames for your session. Depending on what session you have chosen you can choose between 1- unlimited frames to go on your pictures. They will be placed for you digitally on the image you desire. If your session only comes with a couple frames and you would like more, it is $2 per each additional frame. Below are low resolution choices of the frames. Yours will be in High resolution.

frames are copyrighted and not to be taken or duplicated