Choices to Make

First what type of session to have

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Cowboy, Native American, Gangster, Pirate

Now booking end of August /September 2022- please see below for all pricing options before asking. thank you.


when booking you will need to pay a $15 nonrefundable sitting fee. This is on top of the package fee for cleaning of costumes etc.

second what session to order

time = shooting time, getting dressed is not included So you will get your full time of pictures. I allow an extra 10 minutes for getting dressed.

Package #1

Everything is a digital package

 Short mini 15-minute session with 8 images in Sepia
choose your favorite digital frame for them to go in. In a digital download. up to 4 people. $5 per each additional person.
Each additional frame $2- sitting fee + $70

  Half-hour session with a digital download of all images (15-20)- 2 free digital image frames, pictures in sepia, and color. Up to 6 people $5 per additional persons-Sitting fee +  $160

Half-hour session with digital image download and a USB with color & sepia coloring for all photos. As well as 2 free digital frames of choice. Up to 6 people $5 per each additional person - Sitting fee +$175

1-hour session with all of the above An app for everyone in your group, online download of your session. up to 8 wanted frames. 1 USB with all pictures. Up to 6 people $5 per each additional person- Sitting fee + $300

Package #2

Package #3

Package #4


Third what Editing style

Choose which look you prefer  beforehand of editing style. If you do not choose I will choose for you.


                - Detailed       

                - Painting      Effect       


Fourth what frame to choose

I have spent time making a variety of fun frames for your session. Depending on what session you have chosen, you can choose between 1- unlimited frames to go on your pictures. They will be placed for you digitally on the image you desire and choose. If your session only comes with a couple frames and you would like more, it is $2 per each additional frame. Below are low resolution choices of the frames. Yours will be in High resolution.

frames are copyrighted and not to be taken or duplicated