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What to Bring

I have spent a couple of years searching and collecting old-time western wear that I feel will look authentic for your pictures. Therefore I am fairly confident we will be able to accommodate everyone. If you are unsure just let me know beforehand sizes you may be concerned about so I can make sure to accommodate.

However, due to everyone having different pant sizes,  MEN wear their own pair of Plain jeans with no rips or tears that will date your picture. You may also wear a pair of tan slacks or period related. You may wear a plain white button-up shirt but we do have plenty of shirts to accommodate. No Tennis shoes wear solid-colored shoe or cowboy boots. Other accessories are provided in the studio. Feel free to wear your own cowboy boots if you have them. Men can choose to look like southern gentlemen or old west cowboys. examples below.






Women: Since most of the outfits are saloon wear, May i suggest a strapless bra. If you do not own one,  that is fine we can always pull down straps etc. we will not have shoes in studio. Most of the time ladies are in fish net stockings. If you have shoes you fill will look good with  a saloon dress or if you have ankle boots feel free to bring them for western female wear. All other accessories are provided. saloon girls usually wear headbands so do your hair. Cowgirls (ex annie oakley style) Will have hats here. below are examples of some types of looks we will have. Please wear a solid boot if doing western.










Children.: toddler boys wear jeans, if you have a white button up wear it if not we probably have one in studio that will fit.. If boys have cowboy boots bring them if not bring plain colored shoes we will put covers over. Alot of times feet are not pictures anyway.  For girls we will accommodate for them.

When booking I will ask ages and sizes for all your party so we can be prepared ahead of time. We have many different looks to choose from for your session. See the choices tab.

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